What is diminished value?

After an accident, your car suffered diminished value. Even the best repairs will have a permanent condition called "evidence of repairs", which will negatively affect the resale value. Under the law, everyone must disclose any accident history when selling a vehicle. After such a disclosure, buyers are not willing to pay full price for a post-accident-repaired vehicle. The insurance company of the at-fault party owes you money.

Let us help you recover your vehicle’s lost value

Ramji & Associates specializes in recovering diminished value for high-end cars, like yours, that have been involved in a wreck. We handle everything from having the diminished value report prepared to filing the diminished value claim, to negotiating a proper settlement with insurance companies. Ramji & Associates also can file a law suit in the event a settlement is not reached.

We have perfected our process for maximum recovery.

Based on hundreds of settled cases, Ramji & Associates has an excellent track record for settlement of Diminished Value claims.  We are unique from any other service because we handle your claim from start to finish. There IS NO FEE TO YOU, unless there is a settlement.  If you do not collect, Ramji & Associates bears the costs. 

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